WordPress Advanced Backup

Back It Up

Don’t stake your business recovery plan on a plugin. We can customize a backup plan just for your business.

We’ll work with you to figure out the critical elements for your plan as well as the optimal frequency to keep your costs low.

The Advanced WordPress Backup includes:

  • Standup of Amazon S3 bucket for all backup storage
  • Establishing proper bucket permissioning to maintain security of backups
  • Create intuitive folder structure for all backups (whether daily, weekly or monthly)1
  • Configure AWS account for your business to access backups
  • Creation of new user in Identity & Access Management for backup sync function2 
  • Add AWSCLI to server and configure to use new IAM user
  • Scheduled cron to sync backups (whether daily, weekly or monthly) to S3 
  1. Folders will be date time named (i.e.: YYYYMMDD-hh:mm:ss)
  2. New IAM user will only have to S3 limited through account ID and secret

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