WordPress Clean Up

Spring Clean Up

Perhaps all you need is a quick tidying up in the Spring or Fall to ensure that everything is running optimally. We can help!

We offer very reasonably priced “Clean Ups” to help you keep your best “digital” foot forward.

The “Spring Clean Up” includes:

  • Updating of core WordPress codebase to newest production ready release
  • Review and updating1 of all site settings for optimization and security
  • Assessment and updating of all plugins and themes for security and performance2
  • Addition of performance solutions to further increase site operations3
  • Integration of Google Analytics4 for audience and engagement based metrics
  • Addition to Google Search Console5 for clarity of search behavior and opportunities
  • WP DB performance tuning including sweeping, deletion, indexing and optimization
  • Setting up of either WP-Mail-SMTP6 or AWS Simple Email Service7 to enable email delivery from the WordPress platform
  1. If update is warranted based off security, performance or functionality gains
  2. If update is warranted based off security, performance or functionality gains
  3. Including but not limited to decreasing total database calls per page, image optimization, caching solution
  4. Free analytics platform provided by Google 
  5. Will work to integrate GSC data directly into Google Analytics for single point of analytics review
  6. Standard methodology which sends email through the MX associated with the domain
  7. AWS service that separates mail sent from WordPress from daily email (AWS SES pricing)

Let’s Work Together.

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